Expert Body Piercing

Our Body Piercer has had the highest level of training and has obtained qualifications from WHO and BARBACIDE, following the COVID-19 pandemic. We only use implant grade titanium body jewellery.

The legal age for body piercing without parent consent is 16, if you are under 16 a parent or guardian must be present. The legal age for nipple piercing is 18. Please bring ID with you, we will accept passport or driving license. 

Please note all body piercings are performed with a needle. 

10% student discount off all piercings with a valid student card.

Appointments are required for piercings which can be made via email or over the phone. We will take walk ins when we have the availability.



Ear Piercings

Single Lobe £20

Pair lobes £35

Helix/Flat £30

Tragus £30

Conch £30

Rook £30

Forward helix £30

Daith £35

Anti-tragus £35

Industrial £45

Face/Oral Piercings

Nose £30

Septum £35

Eyebrow £35

Bridge £35

Lip (medusa, central labret, verticle labret etc) £35

Tongue £45

Body Piercings

Navel/Reverse Navel £35

Single nipple £35

Pair nipples £60

Dermal £45

All prices include standard titanium jewellery. We have a selection of upgrades available in the studio ranging from £10 - £25.

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